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The EDC showcase is an opportunity for colleagues to share an idea, their work, a project, or start a discussion, using a range of formats. There are two ways to engage with the EDC Showcase over the course of the conference (and beyond) – you can add comments and questions to each showcase item page (accessed through the links below), and you can connect with the item creator in online synchronous sessions scheduled at designated times throughout the conference (see the schedule table below). Synchronous showcase sessions are set up as a drop-in structure; we encourage you to pop into several sessions over the course of the hour, and take part in the discussion of the Showcase item for 10 or so minutes before moving on to a different room. You can view each of the showcase items below, and you can access the links to the synchronous sessions here.

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Decolonizing the Curriculum through Disruption: From Decoding Tacit Knowledge to Disrupting Disciplines

Education Development Survey

Educational Developers’ Cookbook

Educational Development within TAGSA:  Perspectives and Experiences

Engage your Learning Community with an Online Book Club

Experts in (Their) Experience: Student Consultants on Teaching at York

Facilitating educational developers’ network: Coworking

Feedback for Teaching Development

Four Models of Educational Development Collaboration: Integration and Investment

Incorporating Universal Design for Learning principles, accessibility guidelines, and well being principles into online courses and course materials: A checklist for instructors and course designers

Introductory Educational Developer Portfolio Workshop: A 4-hour workshop for Educational Developers by Educational Developers

KPU Tutor Training and Educational Development

Online Resources to In-Person Transformations: Leveraging Instructional Moves

Overlaps and Opportunities:   Partnerships between International Education Centers and Centers for Teaching and Learning

Staying Alive: Surviving and Thriving in Academia

Supporting ourselves and others by encouraging self-care:  Strategies that educational developers can build into courses for instructors and students (and consider using ourselves)

Time in the SHED: a Scottish manifesto for community and well-being

Trent’s Distinguished Visiting Teaching Scholars Program: Strengthen our SoTL work through building communities

EDC Showcase items are licensed under Creative Commons so they can be accessed by colleagues in other institutions and settings. Please familiarize yourself with the different categories so you understand how each item can be used depending on the license they’ve chosen: https://creativecommons.org/.