Incorporating Universal Design for Learning principles, accessibility guidelines, and well being principles into online courses and course materials: A checklist for instructors and course designers

Marie Krbavac, Bosung Kim, and Josefina Rosado, University of British Columbia

This is a Course Set-Up Checklist that helps evaluate the visual design and structure of online courses and materials. The checklist was designed to help instructors and course/learning designers incorporate Universal Design for Learning Principles, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and Student Well Being Practices into courses and course materials on Canvas. The checklist reminds faculty to:

  • Create an effective homepage and course navigation
  • Welcome students to your course by providing all necessary course information
  • Organize, structure, and present course content
  • Build student engagement and nurture a safe and supportive learning environments
  • Provide students with information about activities and assessment requirements and set-up assessment weighting in your course
  • Use and create course materials that are accessible to all students

Creative Commons License: CC-BY 4.0

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