Educational Development within TAGSA: Perspectives and Experiences

Jeni Spencer, University of Guelph with guests: Betsy Keating, Cynthia Korpan,
Alexandra Kozelko, Natasha May, Jill McSweeney-Flaherty, Michelle Ogrodnik, Ashlyne O’Neil, Brandon Sabourin

TAGSA and EDC have traditionally been separate subgroups of the STLHE family. However, much of TAGSA’s work overlaps with and complements that of the EDC community. The TAGSA Executives, along with key members of the TAGSA community, have put together a short video that outlines who TAGSA is, the work TAGSA does, and how TAGSA aligns with the educational development profession. We encourage participants to post videos on social media, using the hashtag “#TAGSA&EDC” and answer the following questions: Why is TA and graduate student advancement important to educational development? How do educational developers support graduate students,TAs, and supervisors? What resources would you suggest to other educational developers supporting TA and graduate student advancement? What is one piece of advice you have for TAs, graduate students, or educational developers? The showcase video and hashtag will act as an evolving collection of resources for the TAGSA and EDC communities.

Creative Commons License: CC BY-ND 4.0

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