Facilitating educational developers’ network: Coworking

Annelies Gilis, Saartje Creten, and Nicole Totté, KU Leuven

Collaborating and building relationships with the community of educational developers is a threshold concept in the careers of educational developers (Timmermans, 2014). Participation in networks provides them the opportunity to co-create knowledge and grow as a professional (de Laat & Strijbos, 2014). At KU Leuven, over the years we have used different strategies to facilitate the network, adapted to the needs of the educational developers. Currently, the educational developers strive to be recognised as a group within the university, to discuss their identity and the role they take on. They aim for a shared identity and to consider themselves as ‘one unit’ working on different levels and locations. Addressing this evolution, we launched a coworking initiative. Coworking focuses on ‘belonging to a community’ and creating a common place for formal and informal sharing and learning. In this showcase we describe this initiative, the used strategies and the challenges we face. Please see the poster here.

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1 thought on “Facilitating educational developers’ network: Coworking”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing from Belgium!! It is interesting to see this intentional strategy to build and sustain a model that is both centralized and decentralized! The hub-and-spoke model. How many people are involved from your institution? We have explored regional and national networks, but less formally internal networks.


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