KPU Tutor Training and Educational Development

Alice McPherson, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

We wish to share our Peer Tutor materials and process to those who are interested. This starts with Level One where tutors complete 6 hours of training in fundamental principles with a team trainer. They are then assigned to a coordinator, learning strategist, and a faculty mentor who assist them in completing the integration materials as they begin peer tutoring. As they accumulate the 25 hours of tutoring required for the first level, they are also receiving tutee and faculty feedback as well as writing reflective journals on their experiences. This concludes with both a self-evaluation and a summative performance evaluation. Levels Two and Three follow a similar pattern with new materials and experiences being introduced as the tutor progresses. The KPU Peer Tutor program has recently completed the EDC Accreditation process, initiated to allow us to situate this program within a Canadian accreditation context and improve accessibility.

Learn more about the KPU Peer Tutor materials and process here.

Creative Commons License: CC BY-NC-SA

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