Time in the SHED: a Scottish manifesto for community and well-being

Sam Ellis, Glasgow Caledonian University

This video is a ‘virtual handshake’ to EDC from your Scottish counterparts, SHED (Scottish Higher Education Developers). Here, we offer our thoughts on burnout and wellbeing, first by looking at barriers to employee wellbeing within our universities, before turning to strategies for surmounting these barriers. We propose that ‘time in the SHED’ – that is, feeling part of a Scotland-wide network of peers – is an important and effective approach.

In November 2018, SHED was joined on the Argyll coast at its annual residential by Klodiana Kolomitro of Queen’s University, who introduced her work on preventing burnout and promoting well-being for educational developers. We hope that our present act of ‘reaching out’ to our Canadian colleagues will expand our network further, and will encourage sharing of related practice around recognising our mutual accomplishments, reclaiming autonomy and agency, and speaking truth to power.

Creative Commons License: CC BY-NC 4.0

1 thought on “Time in the SHED: a Scottish manifesto for community and well-being”

  1. Hello Sam and SHED Colleagues, thanks so much for joining and sharing the video with us. The annual residential I was able to attend was amazing, so it is wonderful to hear how things are developing! Fantastic and ongoing connections between Canada and Scotland!


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