2019 Online Conference

Positive Resilience and the Future of ED(C)

Tuesday, February 19 – Friday, February 22

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The Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) was founded as a community of practice with a focus on leadership, advancement, discussion and collaboration in the field of educational development. This year, EDC will explore a new experience for our annual conference, using an online format to encourage novel ways of sharing, increase access, and enable international connections. This virtual adventure will help to inform and supplement future conferences, including embedding lessons learned when we join in person at Dalhousie University in February 2020.

As the nature of our work, our administrators and our commitment to our own development constantly evolves, it is important to develop positive resiliency skills. McAlpine and Akerlind (2010) investigated academic practice to define how academics ‘think, interact, enact, and engage’ (p. 3). Through the lens of positivity, we ask you to think about how educational developers’ think, interact, enact, and engage with their practice and how EDC can (or should) facilitate this. We also ask you to think about educational development in general, and more specifically how we can support ourselves and others in an increasingly busy and complex world:

  • What are the positive emotions, character traits, and skills that educational developers foster at their respective institutions that enables teaching success?
  • What strengths-based frameworks are you using or developing to further reflection on core values about teaching and learning?
  • How do you encourage continual growth, either for yourself, colleagues, or at your institution?
  • What does advancement and evolution of educational development look like in 2019?
  • What are the most effective strategies and the greatest challenges affecting the facilitation of a collegial network that ensures information, strategies, and resources are shared?
  • How can EDC remain responsive to the divergent needs of its membership?
  • How can professional development opportunities be offered and maintained in an era when workload and finances prevent EDC members from taking on additional work?
  • What role does technology play in addressing these concerns and challenges?
  • How does or can resilience impact on our work with faculty and their work with students?

If you have any questions, contact Celia Popovic at cpopovic@yorku.ca

2019 EDC Conference Committee Members

    • Celia Popovic, Chair
    • Erika Kustra
    • Jaymie Koroluk
    • Lisa Endersby
    • Jessie Richards
    • Yelin Su
    • Eliana El-Khoury


Prize Opportunity!

Go2K_fact_sheet (3)_Page_2Innovative Educators, a company that offers higher education training for faculty, staff, students, and parents, has generously offered two (2) vouchers for a free webinar for facilitators and participants at the conference! The EDC Conference Committee will be holding a random draw at the end of the conference to determine the winners – one from a pool of attendees and one from a pool of facilitators. Learn more about Innovative Educators here.